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Welcome to the Vineyard!

Love God + Love People + Transform the World
Directions to Sunday Services
Teaching Series Starting 8 March

Facebook Page

Check out and like our Facebook page! All essential communication will be posted here, as well as links to other channels. This channel is open to the public.

Sunday Services

10:30am to 12:15pm, at Westfield Academy, Stiby Road, Yeovil, BA21 3EP. Expect friendly people, passionate worship and challenging teaching!

Facebook Group

Our Facebook Group is a closed group for members of Yeovil Vineyard Church. All essential communications  as well as links to other channels will be posted here.

What To Expect

Walk through our church and find out what to expect when you visit. We hope that your experience will be welcoming, inclusive and uplifting! Walk Through


Subscribe to our YouTube channel to listen to our Sunday services or watch videos we put out from time to time to encourage, unite and help keep our community focused.

Small Groups

Small Groups are the life blood of the church. CORE Groups are classic small groups and Focus Groups have a specific emphasis. Find a group near you


Follow us on Instagram for essential notices and updates! These are our four primary communication channels, in addition to those who subscribed to email or txt.


Community is about doing stuff together. Find out what is happening and meet some people who have found a place to belong in our community! Events

Our Community

Yeovil Vineyard started in 2009 as a small group of like-minded people began to gather around the central vision. After building up a team, we began meeting in the Plucknett Pub on Sunday evenings. We quickly grew out of the venue and began meeting for Sunday morning services in the cafe area at the Octagon theatre. When the venue became too small, we moved to the Park School.

Our Current venue is Westfield Academy. Today we have several teams of people dedicated to creating a warm and friendly environment into which we can invite people to come and experience the presence of Jesus.


Are you looking for a place to belong? Do you want to make a difference in the world? Are you longing to have a purpose and direction for your life? Come and join us as we explore what it means to be human in the 21st century.

We are ordinary people who believe that Jesus shows us the best possible way to live life. We are on a journey of growth and discovery and we are often surprised at how God meets us in every day situations.

Come and hang out with us, we would love to meet you!

Hendrik & Leonie Hattingh


Missional Community

Join a Small Group and get connected!

A Place To Belong

If you are looking for a church and want to find out if the Vineyard is the right place for you, or if you want to know more about the Vineyard, join us for an evening with some of the leaders. We will share a brief history of the Vineyard, our own story as a church in Yeovil, and our vision for the future. Contact us

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21 February 2018

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