Privacy Notice


We store personal data about you when you opt-in on a Connect card. The connect card gives us your name, your phone number and your email address, which allows us to keep in contact with you and inform you about events and activities in the church community. If you have selected to opt-in, we will enter these details into our church database and send you an invite to "My ChurchSuite", an online application that will allow you to maintain your own data. You can choose to add your address, amend contact details, update your marital status, and link your children to your data.
We use your data to set up serving rotas, document key dates such as membership start date, and small groups you attend. This data is used only for communication and organising church life such as events, courses, serving rotas, small groups and children's ministry. For example, we document any allergies and medical information your children may have to ensure they are kept safe in our children’s ministry. Using your My ChurchSuite login (provided when we add you into our database), you can view and edit the data we have for you. Additionally you can manage your privacy settings to restrict what other church members may see about you in the address book. You can also view any rota duties or events coming up and get in contact with other members of the church. If you choose to opt out or delete your data, please note that we will no longer be able to get in contact with you, notify you of any important information and you will no longer have access to the church address book. We would still need to document data on your children for legal and safeguarding purposes. This is normally done through a “Visiting Children Form” each Sunday. Please be assured that we are taking every measure to keep all your data secure and we do not share this information with anyone.
Please note that while COVID Restrictions are in force, we have a statutory obligation to collect your contact details for the purposes of tracking and tracing. We are obliged to keep these details for 2 weeks. The details we collect are: Name, Email Address and Phone Number.


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