Small Groups

How do I join?

There are sign-up sheets at our Sunday Services, and sign up directly to the groups listed below, and you can also get in contact with the church office via our contact page. The Vineyard is all about relationships and we want to encourage everyone who calls this church home, to join a group because this is where the vital life of the church is shared.

Core Groups

CORE Groups are vintage Vineyard small groups, a place to belong, to know and be known, and to share life together at a deeper level of friendship and community. CORE groups facilitate Encounter with God through worship and prayer, deepening Relationships, Challenging teaching and Opportunity to get involved in ministry and thriving in your life's call.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are groups of people that build community around a shared passion or interest. There is a great diversity of purpose among the groups, such as the specific needs of mums and toddlers, emotional healing, spiritual formation or building community.
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